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The summer of ‘Kingfish’

Wow, this has been a great summer! Sales for The Kingfish Commission are gaining momentum and only days remain for you to enter our GoodReads giveaway for one of 10 free paperbacks. To enter, click on the giveaway banner on the sidebar, just below the orange sign-up box for email updates.

Here is ‘Kingfish’ topping the list of best Suspense Thriller books at BestThrillers.com: http://bestthrillers.com/category/suspense-thriller/

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BestThrillers.com features ‘The Kingfish Commission’

BestThrillersAnother nice bit of recognition for The Kingfish Commission: a feature on the BestThrillers.com website!

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Hanging with some pretty good company

john grisham fansNew In Books officially launched their feature entitled “New Releases for Fans of John Grisham Books.” I’m hanging with some pretty good company! Right alongside John Sandford, Harlan Coben and James Patterson!

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The Kingfish Commission Goodreads Giveaway

Here’s your chance to win a paperback copy of The Kingfish Commission! I’ve launched a Goodreads.com giveaway for 10 paperback copies of my swamp water suspense political thriller.

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The Kingfish Commission: Now available in paperback

The-Kingfish-Commission---Smoke---3D-MockupAs The Kingfish Commission climbs up the rankings of political thrillers on Amazon, there’s a new way to read the “swamp water suspense” novel — now in paperback.

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NewInBooks.com names ‘Kingfish’ among ‘New Releases for Fans of John Grisham’s Books’

I’ve got to say, I’m pretty excited. I’ve just learned that my novel, The Kingfish Commission, will be featured among “New Releases for fans of John Grisham’s Books” on the influential book site NewInBooks.com.

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A political thriller for the times

In these times of global terrorism and visceral political discourse, the last thing I want to do is to settle into a comfortable chair and read a book that mirrors our frightening everyday world. Many political suspense novels today are violent techno thrillers with covers featuring war machines and a homeland in rubble.

Might as well put down the book and just watch the evening news.

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‘Swamp water’ suspense novel mixes Louisiana politics, gambling and murder

GamblingMaybe it’s a new genre of thriller novels or just a fresh spin on a perennial favorite. The Kingfish Commission, just released on Amazon, is what author Hal M. Harrison calls a “swamp water suspense novel.” The book is actually a mix of political thriller and atmospheric suspense novel.

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The Kingfish Commission has been released!

The-Kingfish-Commission---Smoke---3D-MockupThe red, pulsating light made the Louisiana marsh seem even more unworldly. Every four seconds the soggy field was illuminated by the pale glow — even though the broadcast tower’s lowest beacon was 150 feet above the ground.

The night fog was reflecting the light downward, where Clarence Menard was cussing the recent storm in Cajun French. He parked his truck, got out and began trudging through the mud to the tiny radio transmitter shack some 200 yards from the pot-holed country road where his truck sat idling — safely on the pavement. Menard had been towed out of the field twice before. He was determined there wouldn’t be a third time.

Moss Point’s KAGN radio broadcast had gone suddenly silent some forty-five minutes before. A silent signal meant “dead air.”

Within minutes Menard would be dead as well. Murdered.

THE KINGFISH COMMISSION: A swamp water suspense novel about Louisiana politics, gambling — and murder. Just released on Amazon. Here’s what it is all about.

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